Universal IMRT Verification Phantom
Universal IMRT Verification Phantom
The Universal IMRT Verification Phantom type 40020 enables the user to check IMRT beams using a radiographic film and/or by ion chambers connected to integrating dosemeters. The phantom accomodates a film of 25 cm x 30 cm and up to five 0.125 cm³ ion chambers type 31002/31010. The position of the film is marked by needles with respect to the phantom and the chamber orientation.

The simple shape of the phantom makes it easy to enter its dimensions into the treatment planning system.

The design of the phantom was suggested by Jörg Bohsung of the University Hospital Charité in Berlin, Germany.

  • Makes it possible to verify IMRT dose delivery
  • Checks either IMRT sub beams or total beams
  • Accomodates radiographic film and up to five ionization chambers
  • Marks the film position by perforation
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