TANDEM fast dual channel electrometer
TANDEM fast dual channel electrometer
The fast dual channel electrometer TANDEM is suitable to perform field measurements referenced to an ionization chamber or accelerator monitor signal. The measured values can be used as a basis for absolute dose and dose rate measurements in radiation therapy.

In conjunction with the MP3/MP3-S Beam Analyzer, TANDEM is controlled by MEPHYSTO software for fast and accurate beam data acquisition. Using the TanSoft software, TANDEM can also be operated in standalone mode from a PC. TanSoft enables the user to operate the electrometer as a therapy dosemeter in accordance with IEC 60731, provides calibration and correction factors for various detectors and displays the measurement results.

  • Therapy dosemeter acc. to IEC 60731
  • Fast dual-channel electrometer
  • High resolution for use with small-size ion chambers
  • Chamber voltage for each channel individually programmable in 50 V-steps, reversible polarity
  • Display of the current chamber voltage settings
  • Chamber voltage monitoring
  • All parameters programmable via RS232
  • Software calculation of dose and dose rate values
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