Soft X-Ray Ionization Chamber
Soft X-Ray Ionization Chamber
The 0.02 cm³ soft X-ray chamber type 23342 is the standard ionization chamber for dose measurements in superficial radiation therapy. The 0.20 cm³ chamber type 23344 with its bigger sensitive volume is used for similar pur-poses, where a higher response is required.

The usual calibration of both chambers is done at 15 kV to 70 kV. The chambers have a very flat energy response in the range from 10 kV to 100 kV.

The 0.0053 cm³ soft X-ray chamber type 34013 has an extremely small sensitive volume and makes it possible to measure therapeutic X-ray beams with very small field sizes or with steep fluence gradients. The calibration is typically done at 15 to 50 kV. The energy response within this range is ± 2 %.

The membrane material is polyethylene of 0.03 mm thickness. The guard ring borders the measuring volume. A calibration certificate is included. Air density correction is required for each measurement. A radioactive check device is available as an option.

  • Plane-parallel chambers for measuring therapeutic X-rays in air and solid state phantoms
  • Vented sensitive volumes of 0.0053 cm³ , 0.02 cm³ and 0.20 cm³
  • Very thin flat entrance windows for dose measurements of low energy X-ray beams
  • Protective cap available
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