RaySafe DXR+ X-ray/Light field alignment
RaySafe DXR+ X-ray/Light field alignment
Expose the new RaySafe DXR+ and read any deviation in the display within a second!

X-ray/Light field alignment

Align the RaySafe DXR+ center line with the light field edge. Expose and read the deviation in the RaySafe DXR+ display.

The new RaySafe DXR+, Direct X-ray Ruler, represents the latest in today’s technology for alignment of the light- and radiation field.

The DXR+ is extremely easy to use as it is powered on by simply exposing the meter and features auto reset and auto power off. There is no need to adjust the light field to a square phantom before exposing and no time is wasted waiting for films to be developed.

The pocket-sized RaySafe DXR+ is sensitive and operates down to 0.5 mAs settings and will give an objective, reproducible and immediate read-out.

• Fully automatic
• 10 ms exposure time
• Auto power on
• Auto power off
• 6 - 8 years battery life

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