FH 40 G Multi-Purpose Survey Meter
FH 40 G Multi-Purpose Survey Meter

  • Measuring range from 100 nSv/h up to 100 mSv/h resp. 1 Sv/h
  • One proportional counter tube for the entire range
  • Sensitivity starts at 30 keV
  • The instrument can be calibrated in "air kerma" or in the new ICRU-units "ambient dose equivalent"
  • Simultaneous operation of internal and external detectors
  • Very simple operation
  • Configuration and data read out via PC
  • Storage of up to 256 data records
  • Waterproof (IP 67) and shock resistant
  • ADF mode (Advanced Digital Filter)
The FH 40 G is a wide range survey meter, suitable for nearly all measurement tasks arising in radiation protection:
  • Classic survey meter for personal radiation protection
  • Stationary gamma dose rate meter
  • System center with external probes for monitoring and detection.
  • Simultaneous and discriminative gamma and neutron measurement in mixed radiation fields, for x-ray/gamma dose rate and beta contamination, for the highly sensitive proof of artificial gamma radiation even in variable natural radiation fields....
  • System component in complex measurement systems

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