E-600/NRD Neutron Survey Meter
E-600/NRD Neutron Survey Meter
  • Measures thermal through fast neutrons
  • Closely follows RPG dose curve
  • Gamma rejection up to 500 R/h
  • Direction independent measurements
  • Rate/Integrate/Scaler/Peak Trap functions
  • Background subtraction
  • Data logging
General Description

The model E600/NRD Combines Thermo's popular E-600 Survey Meter with its NRD neutron REM detector. The NRD is a nine-inch-diameter, cadmium-loaded polyethylene sphere with a BF3 tube in the center. This detector has been shown to have an energy response which closely follows the theoretical dose from neutrons over the energy range from 0.025 eV thermal to about 10 MeV. The BF3 tube allows excellent gamma rejection.

The E-600 survey meter is an advanced design incorporating numerous capabilities and unique features in a user-friendly package. These features include a custom, back-lit LCD display, smart probe recognition, ratemeter, scaler, integrate, peak trap and background subtraction modes, data logging, three possible operating channels, real time clock and PC assisted set-up and calibration. The E-600 has been successfully tested to ANSI N42.17A criteria.

  • NRD Neutron Rem Detector Ball
  • E600 OPT21 Probe Bracket for NRD
  • E600 OPT10 Smart Cable to MHV, 36" Long
  • Alternate to E600 OPT10 Used to Make the NRD 'Smart'
  • E600 OPT12 Smart Cable to Smart Probe, 36" Long
  • SMARTPACMHV Smart Pac Adapter for the NRD
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