Pro-TecŪ III Syringe Shield
Pro-Tec® III Syringe Shield
Pro-TecŪ III Syringe Shield
for B-D Safety-Lok™ Syringes

Reduce needle stick injury and hand exposure
  • Tungsten shielding
  • Lead glass window
  • Lightweight
  • Fits B-D Safety-Lok syringes
  • Reduces needle stick injury
  • Quick release design reduces exposure with faster handling
The syringe shield for B-D Safety-Lok syringes offers the same design advantages as the popular Pro-Tec III Syringe Shield.

The barrel of the shield is constructed of .08" thick (2 mm) tungsten that will reduce radiation exposure from Tc-99m by 94%. A 4.2 density lead glass window provides protection and visibility. The interior of the barrel behind the glass has a white coating that improves the view of the syringe and contents. A bevel around the lead glass helps protect it from scratching or breaking.

The Safe-T-Lock design provides increased protection by allowing minimal handling. This mechanism grips and secures the syringe upon insertion and will release the syringe at the press of a button. Disposing used syringes is easy; invert the syringe shield over a shielded Sharps container, press the release button and the syringe freely disengages.

B-D Safety-Lok Syringe Shields accommodate standard sized 3 cc to 10 cc Safety-Lok syringes.
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