PET Scatter Phantom - NEMA 1994
PET Scatter Phantom - NEMA 1994
PET Scatter Phantom - NEMA 1994
The NEMA 1994 PET Scatter Phantom is designed in accordance with the recommendations by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 1994 to standardize the measurement of count rate performance of a scintillation camera in the presence of scatter.* (The decaying source method is used for the measurement.)

The Phantom consists of a large scatter well and a removable, fillable disk source container.

The Phantom is used for:
- Acceptance testing
- Determination of observed count rate of a 20% count loss
- Determination of the maximum count rate


Dimensions: 11.8" dia x 5.9" h (30 x 15 cm)
Dimension of Scatter Well: 6.7" dia x 4" deep (17 x 10 cm)
Outside Dimensions of Source Container:
6.7" dia x 3.93" thick (17 x 10 cm)
Source Container Volume: 5.12" dia x 2.36" h (13 x 6 cm)
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