Atomlab™ 950 Thyroid Uptake System
Atomlab™ 950 Thyroid Uptake System
Thyroid Uptake System
– Powerful graphics
– Easy to use software
– Easy to read, attractive reports
– Add your own comments
– Custom patient worksheet
– 23 Pre-selected isotopes
– Unlimited user defined isotopes

1024 Channel Multi-Channel Analyzer

Thyroid Uptake Program
– Multiple uptake measurements
– Memory for unlimited number of patients
– Automatic decay correction or recount of a standard
– Choose manual or auto-count time
– User defined protocols
– On-line spectrum analysis
– Automatic result calculations
– Normal range(s) included on report
– Referring physician’s report

Wipe Test Program
– Meets regulatory requirements
– Location wipes reported in choice of dpm, ΅Ci, kBq
– Sealed source wipes reported in choice of dpm, ΅Ci, kBq
– Customized setup to department needs
– Incoming shipments easily recorded
– Quick isotope identification

Bioassay Program
– Two report formats: individual and employee summary
– Bioassay any isotope

Schilling Test Program
– For Mallinckrodt, Bracco, and Nycomed/Amersham (Dicopac) kits

Hematology Program
– Red blood cell survival
– Blood volume for Cr-51 and I-125
– ERPF and GFR

Administration / QA Program
– Automatic high-voltage adjustment
– Automatic daily calibration
– Automatic Chi-Square
– Automatic test of communication
– Isotope efficiency calculations
– Complete spectral analysis

Manual MCA Program
– Familiar spectrometer functions
– Counts in: Preset time, preset ROI counts, continuous counting
– Count and list for manual calculations with set ROI
– Spectrum analysis with multiple ROIs
– Versatile enough for any manual protocol
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