Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table
Model 058-720 and 058-725

Sonographer-friendly design.

  • Ergonomically designed to help prevent musculoskeletal injuries
  • Contoured tabletop design for optimal probe positioning
  • 500-lb lift capacity
  • Open frame design for greater accessibility
  • Motor-controlled adjustments – including Fowler back, height, Trendelenburg motions and auto level
  • Vascular scanning arm board (optional) can be mounted to either side of the table
  • Side rails (optional) pivot out of the way to allow unobstructed patient access
  • Equipped with hand controller to actuate table positions
  • Optional table accessories include foot controller, retractable stirrups, vascular scanning arm board, pivoting side rails, IV pole and paper dispenser

The Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table is a dedicated table for all general ultrasound procedures including OB/GYN. Choose from an assortment of table options to customize the table to suit your department needs.

Extra wide with 500-lb lift capacity, contoured tabletop to maximize patient scanning and a vast height range down to 23", chosen for wheelchair transfers, the Ultra Pro easily accommodates patients with ambulatory difficulties and the bariatric population.

Ergonomically designed to suit both patient and sonographer, the table’s height range allows seated or standing work positions while the pivoting side rails allow comfortable shoulder, arm and hand positions when scanning. There are no barriers between sonographer and patient, allowing correct scanning posture to prevent musculoskeletal injury. The open frame design allows sonographers to get closer to the patient, especially useful for carotid imaging or long leg arterial scanning. The motorized Fowler back is infinitely adjustable up to 80° via hand or foot controller.

For the patient, comfort is assured through lengthy procedures with an amply thick mattress and a multitude of comfort-driven design details. For example, the retractable stirrups can extend extra long to accommodate taller or larger patients; the leg section drops down to 40° for patients with circulatory issues and 80° for stirrup access. Biodex tables are so accommodating, they actually reduce the total amount of time required to achieve a quality image.

The Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table is equipped with a motor-controlled hand controller to actuate table positions, 2"- and 3"-thick table padding covered in easy-to-clean Naugahyde®, two patient restraining straps with Velcro® hook and loop fasteners, five-inch swivel casters and a central locking system, accessible from either side of the table, to secure table position.

Additional accessories are available, including foot controller, retractable stirrups, vascular scanning arm board, pivoting side rails and IV pole.

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