Thermo Scientific - RadEye PRD
Thermo Scientific - RadEye PRD
RadEye PRD - High Sensitivity Personal Radiation Detector.
Part of the RadPack system.
Thermo Electron introduces the next generation of advanced pocket size radiation instruments for radiation detection, gamma dose rate measurements and area monitoring.

Product Detail
The characteristic features of this versatile new generation pocket meter are the use of sophisticated low power technology components and fully automatic self checks that result in minimum maintenance being required.

All essential functions can be easily accessed even while wearing protective gloves. The alarm-LED can be seen while the instrument is worn in a belt-holster. The instrument is also equipped with a builtin vibrator and an earphone-output for silent alarming or use in very noisy environment.

RadEye PRD - High Sensitivity Personal Radiation Detector
The so-called "orphan" source phenomena is a serious global problem as sources showing up unexpectedly in scrap yards, border crossings, or numerous other public locations can be considered a significant potential threat. The RadEye PRD represents a high-performance measuring device for persons who are responsible for detecting and localizing radiation sources whether they be first preventers (border guards, customs agents, special forces and counter terrorisim teams) or first responders (emergency services and law enforcement). The RadEye PRD is 5000 - 100000 times more sensitive than typical electronic dosimeter. When looking for Nuclear Weapons, Improvised Nuclear Devices (IND's) or Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD's or dirty bombs), it is of paramount importance that you have high sensitivity with high selectivity. The RadEye PRD achieves this through a special technique based on our patented Natural Background Rejection (NBR) technology. It is the only instrument of its type and size to achieve this.

NBR = Natural Background Rejection
The NBR measurement technology has been developed by Thermo Electron for the supression of alarms caused by variations of the natural background. Thus an enhanced alarming sensitivity for most artificial gamma sources of concern is achieved. Unlike conventional spectroscopic-based gamma identification systems, the instruments using NBR do not require the presence and resolution of gamma spectral lines.

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