PRIMALERT™ Digital Doorway Monitors
PRIMALERT™ Digital Doorway Monitors
  • Highly sensitive lead shielded NaI (Tl) scintillators
  • LED digital display
  • Battery backup
  • CE tested. Meets applicable standards

The Model 05-450 Digital Doorway Monitor is a highly sensitive gamma radiation detection system designed to detect low levels of gamma radiation. The system consists of a digital monitor, 2 shielded NaI (Tl) scintillation detectors with NEMA enclosures, associated cabling and a 10 µCi 137Cs check source. The system is AC powered with internal battery backup and user selectable alarm settings.


The highly sensitive shielded scintillation detectors of the Model 05-450 Digital Doorway Monitor make this an ideal system to detect and alarm when low levels of gamma radiation pass through a doorway. Your Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) will find it ideal as a monitor mounted on the doorway for hospital entrances, emergency rooms, laundry rooms, waste disposal chutes, nuclear medicine labs and procedure rooms and any other area of the hospital where radiation contamination could be a concern.

  • Dual detector
  • Configuration with NEMA enclosures
  • Fast response time
  • Audio and visual alarms
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