LFM-2 Radioactive Material Detection System
LFM-2 Radioactive Material Detection System
The LFM-2 is specifically designed to monitor hospital wastes in a simple, easy-to-use radiation monitor. Temperature resistant, rugged detectors will alert the user of contaminated waste before it reaches the waste disposal site.

Product Detail
The LFM-2 is designed to maximize sensitivity, with a minimum of nuisance alarms, at an affordable price. Except for its larger, more sensitive detectors, the LFM-2 is the same as the many (over 200) Thermo Electron systems in use at landfills, incinerators and hospitals.

The system consists of two shielded, 50.8 mm (2 in.) diameter, Nal(TI) scintillation detectors shock mounted in separate, weatherproofed PVC housings. Cables connect the detectors to an easy-to-read digital readout electronics package. The detectors are constructed to withstand temperature extremes. They also have low mass housings to detect low energy gamma isotopes, as well as those with medium and high energies.

Radiation Detected: Low, medium and high energy gammas and X-rays (>20 keV), including 125I and 99mTc as well as 67Ga, 137Cs, 60Co and 226Ra.
Sensitivity: Will detect a 75 mCi 137Cs source at 10 from a detector within 15 seconds in a constant 10 mR/h background.
Detector Complement: 2 each, 2 diameter, Nal(TI) scintillation detectors with low mass housings, constructed to withstand temperature extremes; they are also thermally insulated, lead-shielded and shock-mounted within special housings.
Detector Housings: Weatherproofed, painted PVD housings with liquid-tight, strain relief connectors; suitable for outdoor use.

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