Advanced Survey Meter (ASM) Victoreen« ASM-990
Advanced Survey Meter (ASM) Victoreen® ASM-990
Advanced Survey Meter (ASM)
Victoreen« ASM-990

The ASM-990 is an easy-to-use instrument that detects alpha, beta, gamma, neutron, or x-ray radiation within an operating range of 1 ÁR/h to 1 R/h or 1 CPM to 5,000,000 CPM, depending on the probe selection. Visual indication of measured values, as well as selectable parameters, are displayed on the analog/digital display.

The ASM-990 is compatible with Geiger-Mueller (GM) detectors, neutron probes, proportional counters, and scintillation probes operating from 500 to 1300 volts.

The ASM-990 is designed to meet the high technology requirements of health physics, medical physics, and nondestructive testing applications. Radiation safety officers (RSO), nuclear medicine laboratories, diagnostic x-ray and hospital emergency room technicians, and environmental health physicists will appreciate this intelligent survey meter with its cell phone-like multi-function key for easy menu navigation.

The unit is supplied with a MHV connector to ensure compatibility with all Victoreen probes. In addition, a Model 992 is available that includes a fully calibrated internal 1 R GM detector.

The ASM-990, with purchased probe, is shipped calibrated and ready-to-use.

  • Survey Mode feature allows user to store up to 5 separate sequences
  • Infrared Data (IrDA) port
  • LCD readout
    • 160 x 160 graphical LCD display shows digitized average of the bar graph value
    • Analog scale has fifty-one elements arranged in a linear bargraph. Each element represents 2% of full scale. Scale markings are 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Scale length is 2.2 inches (5.6 cm)
    • Scale multiplier is 0.0001 to 1 million, depending on the probe selected and the units activated
    • LCD displays operational units such as radiation unit changes, response time changes, data, labels, and real time clock
  • Pushbutton controls
    • Light Activates a background light for a preset or indefinite amount of time
    • Start/Stop/Rst/Save Saves current data; starts and stops recording of data; resets internal counter in scaler mode
    • Sel Activates the menu systems; allows user to choose particular settings, etc.
    • Up/Dn arrows Enables user to navigate between various menus/selections
    • Esc Returns to previously selected menu or sub-menu
    • Audio Allows the user to turn on/off the audio indicator
    The ASM-990 is shown with optional GM Pancake Probe (Model 489-110D)
    • Advanced survey meter for multiple hospital and environmental applications
    • Cell phone-like multi-function key for easy menu navigation
    • Backlit analog/digital display
    • Integrated handle
    • Error-free visual indication
    • Auto-ranging
    • Multiple probe use
    • Full-range audio output capability
    • Survey Mode data logging feature
    • Timed Peak Hold feature
    • Built-in scaler functions
    • Barcode scanner (optional)
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