Thermo Scientific - AMS-4 Beta Air Monitor
Thermo Scientific - AMS-4 Beta Air Monitor
AMS-4 Beta Air Monitor

Provide an early warning to workers exposed to potential airborne releases of beta-emitting particulates when using Thermo Scientific™ AMS-4 Beta Air Monitor. Lightweight and robust design accommodates both fixed and portable use applications.

Continuous air monitor (CAM) offering beta particulate, radioiodine, or noble gas detection.
  • Detachable sampling head
  • Reports both DAC and cpm
  • Real time gamma background subtraction
  • Stand alone or network configuration
  • Mass flow measurements
  • Fast and slow concentration alarms, cpm alarm, DAC-hour alarm
  • Computer calibration
  • Can also be used for stack monitoring of effluent releases using the in-line detector head
  • Keypad: 18 keys, full numeric plus function keys
  • Status Indicators: Front panel lights display READY and MALFUNCTION conditions, red alarm strobe light, sonalert
  • Printer: RS-232 serial DB9
  • Data Log Buffer: 2000 entries of combined Concentration and Status
  • Change information: Equivalent to 83 days of 1 hour detail, nearly 14 days of 10 mintes detail or over 24 hours of 1 minute detail
  • Alarm/Fail Relays: SPST, 15A at 30VDC/120VAC resistive
  • Analog Output: 0 to 5VDC output, five decade logarithmic
Compatible with:
Thermo Scientific ViewPoint Enterprise
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