Tissue-Equivalent Phantom for Mammography Model 010 & 011A
Tissue-Equivalent Phantom for Mammography Model 010 & 011A
Tissue-Equivalent Phantom for Mammography - Model 010 & 011A - CIRS

A Refined Quality Assurance Tool for Today's Advanced Imaging Systems

Models 010 and 011A are tissue-equivalent, anthropomorphic phantoms designed to test performance of any mammographic system. Simulated calcifications, fibrous ducts, and tumor masses are embedded into the phantom as test objects. Test objects range in size to allow system checks at varying levels of difficulty.

CIRS mammographic phantoms include a removable 0.5 cm adipose-equivalent tissue layer, have compressed thicknesses ranging from 4-6 cm, consists of various glandular compositions and are realistically shaped. Standard Model 010 and 011A configurations are composed of 30% glandular/ 70% Adipose, 50/50 glandular and adipose, or 20/80 glandular and adipose. In addition, CIRS can manufacture any glandular/adipose combination from pure gland to pure fat.

Model 010 and 011A address all desirable features of breast-equivalent phantoms as described by NCRP Report No. 95. Phantoms are realistically shaped and are designed to mimic tissue of average firm breast. Breast detail components closely simulate the radiographic properties and shapes of normal and pathological breast structures. Phantoms can be used to evaluate radiation dose and image quality. The subjective assessment of detail visibility is easy to use for routine clinical assessment, while densitometry analysis provides necessary accuracy for laboratory work. The phantoms may be used for screen-film mammography or digital mammography.

Realistically Shaped
Tissue Equivalent
Monitor Image Quality & Dose
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