Thermo Scientific - RadEye Safety Kit
Thermo Scientific - RadEye Safety Kit
Radiation detection is personal protection

  • Accessory for RadEye PRD/PRD-ER and RadEye R
  • Highly sensitive to gamma radiation
  • Compact, rugged and lightweight
  • Advanced personal radiation protection
  • Provides precise periodic measurement sampling and documentation with enclosed software
  • Suitable for vehicle surface scans and area monitoring

    The Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD offers unmatched sensitivity to gamma radiation and true dose rate calculation. When worn in its holster, the RadEye PRD protects its owner at all times, long before radiation health concerns come into consideration. With this roving detector orphan sources may be found at your facility. The RadEye short handle provides dramatic reduction in the dose rate at the user’s hand, if the RadEye PRD is close to the source (compared to the RadEye PRD directly held in the hand). Optional 4 ft. (1.2 m) and 14 ft. (4 m) extensions ease the measurement of vehicle loads or piles of suspicious material. The large backlit LCD, the bright Alarm- LED and the built-in vibration alarm facilitate the ease of use of this instrument while the nylon holster and rubber shock protection ensure its durability and reliability.

    RadEye PRD Safety Kit - in conjunction PRD-ER and RadEye R with RadEye PRD,

    The Thermo Scientific RadEye PRD is the first choice for highly portable, personal radiation detection in the recycling industry. The well-proven RadEye, which has served thousands of law- enforcement and homeland security professionals since 2005, is also available in conjunction with an application-tailored “RadEye Safety Kit.” Geared specifically to the industrial user, this configuration provides the following advantages and possibilities:
  • Small size and belt holster means it can be worn at all times for non-stop vigilance at any facility
  • Adapter and extender poles allows the user's reach to be extended up to 14 feet (4 m) enabling easier and faster searching
  • Data capture hardware and software allow target vehicle radiation data to be tagged with user input meta-data, for better quality control/documentation
  • Lutetium test adapter uses naturally occurring material of very low specific activity to verify the performance of your PRD or other radiation detection instrumentation safely and accurately
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