RadEye B20 / B20-ER
RadEye B20 / B20-ER
RadEye B20 / B20-ER
Part of the RadPack system.
Multi-Purpose Survey Meter, Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific RadEyeTM B20 / B20-ER models are the next generation line of improved quick survey and precision scaler measurement meters.

These modern and compact survey meters measure alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray surface contamination.

In addition these pocket-sized instruments can also be used for accurate doserate surveys, if used with optional energy compensated filters (17 keV 3 MeV).

For emergency response applications, the alpha and beta contamination measurements can be discriminated using the optional alpha blocker filter.

The RadEye B20 will automatically switch to the proper measuring unit, if any auto detection filter is fitted to the face of the B20 detector.

This automatic function helps to avoid accidental misuse and to quickly change from one measurement to the next. These instruments are part of the growing RadEye family of high-end stand-alone meters, which are designed to exceed the most demanding user experience.

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