Thermo Scientific - RadEye PRD-ER
Thermo Scientific - RadEye PRD-ER
Advanced pocket-size instrument detects and localizes radiation sources as generated by man-made devices such as nuclear weapons, improvised nuclear devices (IND) or radiological dispersal devices (RDDs).

Single detector arrangement offers the following unique advantages over the whole measuring range:
  • Consistent angular dependence
  • No mutual shielding of neighbored detectors
  • Consistent energy response
  • No transition range with annyong hysteresis effects
  • No high activity source for function test of high dose rate detector required
  • Menu-driven with an intuitive, easy-to-use format
  • Patented Natural Background Rejection (NBR) technology provides high sensitivity with high selectivity; eliminates nuisance alarming due to naturally recurring radiation sources (such as granite)
  • Low-power-technology components and fully automated self-checks result in minimum maintenance
  • Equipped with large clear graphic display and audible/visible/vibrating alarms; earphone-output for silent alarming
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