Thermo Scientific - RadEye SPRD
Thermo Scientific - RadEye SPRD
The RadEye SPRD provides high-performance radiation detection and isotopic analysis to locate and identify radioactive nuclides like orphan sources or purposely hidden materials.

Key Features and Benefits
• Nuclide identification sorts out nuisance alarms
• Compact belt holster allows free movement
• Covert weight below 200 g
• Silent alarm while worn on belt
• Threat scenario verification through Nuclide ID
• One hand operation also with hand gloves
• Easy to read measurement results
• Minimum attention required for operation

The detection and analysis of hidden radioactive nuclides requires a radiation identification tool with high sensitivity and accuracy. Detect, localize and identify sources of radiation through their Gamma radiation signature with the pager sized Thermo ScientificTM RadEyeTM SPRD Spectroscopic Radiation Detector. The RadEye SPRD detector provides first responders and law enforcement teams like border guards or special forces with high-performance detection and nuclide analysis for any scenario.

The capability to perform nuclide identification adds to the advantages of a pager sized Personal Radiation Deector (PRD) with compact size, low weight and long battery life time. This combination makes the RadEye SPRD a perfect tool for those users where detecting, locating and identifying sources of radiation is an additional requirement of their main task.

Like the well-known RadEye PRD, the RadEye SPRD offers the patented Natural Background Rejection (NBR) technology that provides high sensitivity with immediate high selectivity to differentiate between natural and man-made radiation during search and find operation of the device. Once an alarm indicates the presence of a significant radiation contribution, the RadEye SPRD can be rapidly switched into nuclide identification mode for immediate performance of an analysis. The RadEye SPRD’s editable trigger list allows adaption to nuclides of concern, like N42.48, medical or industrial applications.

The RadEye SPRD can be worn conveniently in its holster on the belt providing easy alarm acknowledgement and visibility of the alarm LED in this position. Its compact size does not interfere with sitting in squatting positions. Radiation alarms can be annunciated by sound, light and/or vibration insuring that the user is alerted in all conditions. Raised buttons are designed for activation with hand gloves on even with hand gloves on. Easy to read and intuitive symbols, menu text and or terms are displaying information on the large LCD screen.

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