RaySafe Xi Platinum Prestige
RaySafe Xi Platinum Prestige

RaySafe Xi - Extremely Intelligent QA Device

A complete solution
The RaySafe Xi is a new generation, multi-function, intelligent X-ray meter. RaySafe is renowned for its pocket-sized and easy-to-use meters that improve productivity. Now the RaySafe Xi adds even more user friendliness with Active Compensation for all beam qualities.

The RaySafe Xi has many features which simplifies your work and increases your productivity.

The RaySafe Xi is an evolutionary leap in diagnostic QA systems. Since the launch in early 2005, thousands of users have experienced the many benefits.
The RaySafe Xi system can simultaneously measure kVp, dose, dose rate, HVL, pulse, pulse rate, dose/pulse, time and waveform. These measured values of kVp and dose are automatically corrected, utilizing Active Compensation, to provide you with an accurate and corrected value. By using multiple sensors and advanced algorithms, the RaySafe Xi automatically determines the beam quality and corrects for any added filtration - with minimal setup time.
Acquiring your first exposure takes less than a minute.

Pulsed fluoroscopy is used more in todays radiology departments than ever before. The RaySafe Xi makes it very easy to measure any type of pulsed fluoroscopy since automatic features detect and calculate the pulse rate and dose/pulse. No user interaction is needed.

The basic RaySafe Xi configuration consists of two primary components: the RaySafe Xi Base Unit and the RaySafe Xi Detector. Both can be fully upgraded as new features are introduced. Traditional fragile ion chambers can now be substituted with RaySafe small and lightweight solid state detectors to achieve accurate measurements.

RaySafe Xi Prestige includes:
RaySafe Xi Base Unit w/ mAs

  • International Power Supply (110 - 240V)
  • 2 meter detector cables
  • 10 meter detector cable
  • 2 meter mAs connection cable
  • 2 meter serial cable
  • USB to serial adapter
  • RaySafe Xi Aluminum case
  • RaySafe Xi Resource CD
  • RaySafe Xi Quick Guide

RaySafe Xi R/F & MAM Detector
RaySafe Xi CT Detector
RaySafe Xi Light Detector
RaySafe Xi Flexi Stand
RaySafe Xi Bluetooth Adapter

The RaySafe Xi R/F & MAM Detector
The R/F detector measures kVp, dose, dose rate, pulse, pulse rate, dose/frame, time, HVL and waveforms simultaneously. The R/F detector is also suitable for intra-oral and OPG dental machines as well as kVp and HVL measurements on CT. The RaySafe Xi MAM detector measures kVp, dose, dose rate, HVL, time and waveforms on the six most common beam qualities used in today's mammo X-ray machines. Measurements on scanning mammography machines with W/Al beam quality can be added as an option.

The RaySafe Xi CT Detector
The RaySafe Xi CT detector is a new Unfors designed hybrid ion-chamber. The ion-chamber and electronics are combined in one unit making it possible to measure both temperature and pressure to actively compensate for this dependence. The temperature is actually measured inside the ion-chamber giving very precise compensations both with and without a CT phantom. With no baseline drift, this carbon fiber ion-chamber is ready to use within one minute.

The RaySafe Xi Base Unit
This is the heart of the RaySafe Xi system. The three row alphanumerical display clearly presents all measured parameters. All functions are accessed by pressing one of the RaySafes two buttons. The RaySafe Xi supports both RS-232 and the optional Bluetooth data communications protocols. The new RaySafe Xi View software is used to record measured data, waveforms and test results in Excel ™.

There are two versions of the RaySafe Xi Base Units - with and without mAs capabilities. Both are fully compatible and interchangeable with all RaySafe Xi Detectors.

RaySafe Xi Light Detector
The RaySafe Xi Light detector is capable of measuring illuminance and contact luminance measurements on CRT and LCD monitors as well as view boxes. Luminance or illuminance measurements are easily selected by either attaching or detaching the optical tube to the detector housing. Data can be stored in the internal memory or exported to RaySafe Xi View via serial of Bluetooth communication. The RaySafe Xi Light detector has a perfect cosine corrected response for ambient light and a state-of-the art photopic response.
The RaySafe Xi Light fulfills the DIN 5032 Class B specifications with a sum of errors < 10% for both illuminance and luminance. 

The RaySafe Xi View
RaySafe Xi View is a stand alone program which displays and stores all exposure data including kV and radiation waveforms as measured by the Unfors Xi. Unfors Xi View stores data in an XML format for later retrieval, analysis and reports.

There are two ways to communicate with RaySafe Xi View: Via the RS-232 cable to the PC or via an optional Bluetooth module connected directly to the RaySafe Xi serial port. Data can be directly transferred into Excel by selecting a Book and Sheet of a template. All measured data and graphs can be copied into other Windows programs by using cut and paste. This flexibility allows you to design your own report, or, use your own Excel based report.

Active Compensation
RaySafe is renowned for its pocket-sized and easy-to-use meters that improve productivity. Now the Unfors Xi adds even more accuracy with Active Compensation for all beam qualities. Active Compensation is a new proprietary feature of the RaySafe Xi. Utilizing multiple sensors and advanced calculations, the beam quality is automatically determined, thereby, eliminating the need for further corrections of measured kVp and dose values. This built-in intelligence enhances ease-of-use and productivity.

Improve Productivity

"The need for a compact and easy-to-use design was an obvious conclusion drawn from our many conversations with field service engineers, medical physicists and government inspectors. Our engineers have focused on minimizing the size of the RaySafe Xi while maximizing its performance. We provide you with a small and lightweight, yet powerful multi-function QA system which requires minimal training and is easy to use. We help you improve productivity."
-Tomas Unfors, Founder

View product information sheet on the Raysafe Xi unit.
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