RaySafe Solo
RaySafe Solo
RaySafe Solo Leading precision designed for specific needs

The RaySafe Solo is a line of meters for Quality Assurance and Service of Diagnostic X-ray machines. The RaySafe Solo is designed for specific X-ray modalities where it provides the user with essential features combined with leading precision. While the RaySafe Solo shares the core technology from the market leader RaySafe Xi, it has been adapted to fit a defined need.

Because of its intuitive user interface and built-in intelligence, you can rapidly learn how to use the RaySafe Solo. The user will be able to focus on interpreting the measured data instead of focusing on how to obtain data. Ease-of-use saves time, but most importantly, it minimizes the risk of user errors.

Depending on the RaySafe Solo model used, parameters such as kVp, dose, dose rate, pulses, time, mA and mAs are simultaneously measured. Options, such as direct HVL measurements and waveform display further enhance the Solo experience. With minimal setup time, acquiring your first exposure take less than one minute.

Active Compensation improves productivity
RaySafe is renowned for improving productivity. The RaySafe Solo provides even further improved productivity by using the Active Compensation feature for all beam qualities. Multiple solid state sensors and advanced calculations automatically determine the beam quality, thereby eliminating the need for further corrections of measured kVp and dose values. This results in a higher degree of simplicity for the user since no further corrections are needed to achieve maximum accuracy. Traditional fragile ion chambers can now be substituted with RaySafe small and lightweight solid state detectors to achieve accurate measurements.

RaySafe Solo options
In addition to the standard parameters it is possible to add more functionality to the RaySafe Solo. This can be done at time of purchase or in conjunction with an annual calibration.

One shot HVL measurements
The RaySafe Solo offers the great time saving feature to measure Half Value Layer (HVL) in one exposure. There is no longer a need to add filters and performing calculations. With the HVL option installed in the Raysafe Solo HVL will be measured simultaneously with the other parameter results.

RaySafe Solo PC kit
By adding the optional RaySafe Solo PC kit, the RaySafe Solo will be enhanced with a PC communication for viewing and storage of data and the ability to view waveforms. This option includes RaySafe Xi View, a stand-alone program, which displays and stores all exposure data including kV, radiation and mA waveforms as measured by the RaySafe Solo. The software can also be used to control the RaySafe Solo remotely from a PC. Data can be directly transferred into Excel™ by selecting a book and sheet in a template for further reporting.

RaySafe Service Program
In addition to the great technical benefits, your new RaySafe Solo comes with extended value. The RaySafe Service Program expands the users possibility to minimize the life cycle cost and keeps your instrument in a perfect functional condition year after year. After each annual calibration and service, RaySafe provides an extended 12 months functional warranty, extendable for up to 5 years. Please contact a Raysafe authorized service center to learn more about the RaySafe Service Program for the RaySafe Solo.

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