Compact L-Block Shield with built-in Dose Calibrator Shield
Compact L-Block Shield with built-in Dose Calibrator Shield
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Compact L-Block Shield
With built-in Dose Calibrator Shield
  • 1.5" Lead shielding in front
  • 1" Lead shielding in base
  • 8" x 8" x 4" adjustable lead glass window
The Compact L-Block with built-in Dose Calibrator Shield is truly unique. It is designed to maximize the space of facilities receiving unit doses of high-energy radionuclides, such as FDG F-18. The L-Block allows access and viewing of the work area that includes a built-in 1" thick dose calibrator shield. The dose calibrator chamber is mounted underneath a countertop through the L-Block work area. The Dose Calibrator Shield accommodates only Biodex Dose Calibrators, installation is provided by the customer. The combination L-Block Shield with built-in Dose Calibrator Shield eliminates the need to purchase expensive, bulky interlocking shielding rings.

The L-Block Shield is constructed of lead encased in steel, 1.5" thick in front with a 1" thick base. It features a large 8" x 8" x 4" lead glass window. The viewing angle of the window can be adjusted. The ability to adjust the lead glass window makes the L-Block easier and safer to use. The 042-434 Lead Brick Cave wraps around the work area and fits neatly into the sides of the vertical section to create a more complete shielded environment. If the hot lab is located in a mobile van, adding the optional Brick Cave Cover will protect the cave from shifting while moving.
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