DR Radchex
DR Radchex
DR Radchex
For Digital Radiography Quality Assurance

* The first QA instrument for Digital Radiography (DR)
* All you need for QA is an image and the dose
* Utilize your own imaging phantoms
* Identify & Track Calibration Drift for Digital X-ray & Imaging Systems
o Meet and Maintain ALARA Dose Goals
o Assure Consistent Quality Images
o Assure Consistent Tube Output, AEC and Image Detector Efficiency
o Use on all DR Systems
* Quick, Inexpensive, Simple and Multi-professional
Product Description

The new DR Radchex tracks consistency of AEC, image quality, tube output and the imaging detector efficiency (DQE) over time. It monitors ‘calibration drift’ for all X-ray and Imaging Systems.

The main advantage of the DISC DR Radchex is that it provides a quick check of the consistency of the main factors affecting image quality and patient dose. Simply, in the hands of technologists, engineers, physicists and State inspectors, the DR Radchex provides easy and effective assessment of key indicators of image quality and dose.

One instrument, one exposure! Dose is displayed automatically after each exposure. This value is then used to track image quality and dose consistency. The supplied Excel™ ‘Add On’ software provides custom documentation, graphing and reporting of key calibration indicators and trends over time.

Confidence in Quality Assurance:
For over three decades, DISC has been recognized worldwide for the design and manufacturing of calibration and quality assurance instruments. DISC has recently applied its CR designs and technology to Digital Radiography (DR) to now provide the best in class in both DR and CR quality assurance instruments.

How It Works: Daily and Periodic Quality Assurance
When the DR Radchex is placed on an X-ray machine’s ‘table top’ and an AEC exposure is made to the DR Radchex, two values appear in the LCD display: X-ray dose in mR and µGy, used to make the image.

Technologists simply enter the displayed LCD values into the supplied Excel™ ‘Add On’ spreadsheet along with post mAs, image score, and DR exposure indicator value and these values are graphed automatically. Reports can then be produced that identify trends in calibration drift of these key indicators over time. Periodic reports are printed or viewed on monitors for use by physicists, engineers and State inspectors.

Qualitative and Quantitative Image Assessment:
When used with an imaging phantom / objects, placed on top of the DR Radchex, the LCD displays the X-ray ‘table top’ exposure used to produce the image. The quality of the image can then be compared to the phantom’s benchmark image quality. The qualitative and quantitative image scores are determined and recorded over time. These values are used to confirm the integrity of the image processing system. The results provide the basis for image quality assessment and dose.

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